Facilities Given By Ajmera Girls Hostel

  • Well Furnish Rooms
  • Well arranged Mess with cook
  • Safe & Posh Locality
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Tea & Dinner
  • Attached washroom facility with every room
  • Attached BALCONY with every room
  • Separate hall with News papers, Magazines & TV facility
  • Lunch & Dinner take away facilities available
  • Attached washroom with safety Locks & hot water facility
  • 24 hrs Security
  • 24 hrs hot water
  • C.C.TV in common Area for security
  • Fire Exits
  • Breakfast + Tea
  • Lunch Box
  • High Tea
  • Dinner
  • Closest coaching center middle of the city
  • 24 Hours helpers available
  • Medical facility available
  • Spacious rooms for each and every resident
  • Individual study tables and beddings 
  • Separate almirah with locks
  • 24 hr. water supply
  • Aquaguard R. O. facility with water cooler
  • Camera security (TWO week recording)
  • Hygienic mess (includes seasonal fruits)
  • Parking facility inside the hostel ONLY TWO WHEELER
  • Security guards
  • Near by Stationary, city bus stop, cinema hall, medical shop, Garden, computer shop 
  • Internet facilities WITH WiFi

Additional Features

Special diets for girls on every Sunday’s and on Special Occasions

  1. Public Transportation: Availability of public transportation at the doorstep to AJMERA GIRLS HOSTEL. AJMERA GIRLS HOSTEL will also provide the facility of conveyance to your destination at nominal charges .
  2. Traveling Assistance: Reservation of traveling tickets will be made available on demand. Additionally, daily conveyance for desire destinations can be also arranged when needed through our trust worthy agencies.
  3. Internet: AJMERA GIRLS HOSTEL  have  high speed wi-fi connectivity and provides you easy access to the Internet. Only inmates of the HOSTEL are permit to surf.
  4. Security: AJMERA GIRLS HOSTEL is extremely aware about the Security of the User, Therefore we use latest technologies like:-
    1.  Complete Electric shock proof compound.
    2. Not allowing outsider to enter the premises in any case.
    3. Round the clock availability of Security Guards through well known Security services provider company.irls

Other Facilities By Ajmera Girls Hostel

  • Laundry: We provides daily service of laundry, where washerman collects all the clothes, given by the resident , in the morning and will return as per her convenience. This service will be chargeable directly by the washer-man.
  • Mess: AJMERA GIRLS’ HOSTEL provides you the Hygienic mess with nutritious and healthy diet as planned by expert dietitians. Drinking water is purify with reverse osmosis. Moreover, breakfast will contain tea with varieties of snacks.
  • Lodging: This part of AJMERA GIRLS’ HOSTEL contains well furnished & Ventilated Rooms which are available on double, triple & FOUR sharing. The Room are with attach washrooms. Availability of coolers & A.C. in the summers and Geyser during winters.
  • Medi-care: Nearby Govt. Hospital Facilities. Inmates of AJMERA GIRLS’ HOSTEL is given special care at the hospital. On the request of inmates, the doctor would visit the AJMERA GIRLS’ HOSTEL if she is unable to move from bed on chargeable basis, and the medical store is also available round the clock.

Rule And Regulations Of Ajmera Girls Hostel


  • The students must remember that hostel is home for them  & they should behave same in the campus as well as outside so that dignity of the hostel is always maintain.
  • Resident is advice not to paste any poster / announcement on the wall.
  • Residents are responsible for the up-keeping, cleanliness and tidiness of their rooms. Also, including the common areas in the Hostel.
  • Placing of baggage or not useful items outside the room or anywhere in a hostel is not allowed, in result to avoid obstruction to other residents.
  • Transistor/Tape/Radio/MP3 can only be used with earphones, keeping in view the facilities/disturbance of fellow resident.
  • A Resident should check the fittings & fixtures in her room at the time of occupation. If there is any deficiency or inadequacy, it should be brought to the notice of the hostel staff.
  • The Resident is responsible for the fittings and fixtures of her room and also see to it that they are in order at the time of handing over of the room when she leaves the hostel.
  • Residents sharing common facilities within a room of the Hostel shall be liable for a joint payment towards the cost of repair or loss of facilities within the room in event of loss/ damage of the facility. In no case such damage or loss is attributable to a single resident.
  • All the hostel articles issued to the students must be returned to the Hostel Warden before the students leave their rooms.
  • They will held responsible for any loss if made from the defaulters.
  • She has to bring her own blankets.
  • Only Vegetarian meals will serve in the Hostel. No resident is allowed to bring non-vegetarian meals from outside.
  • All the meals will be served in the Dining Hall only at given timings, no meals is allow in the rooms.


  • Monthly Rent will be valid from the day first to the Last day of the month.
  • The rent is remitted if the room left in the mid of the month.
  • The room rent will have to deposit from 1st day to 3th day of each month, else Rs.50/- will be charged per day as levi.
  • Before leaving the room she has to intimate to Hostel Warden 15 days in advance, else rent for the room for the whole month gets charge.


  • Pranks, ragging and rowdy games in any form are strictly prohibited.
  • Strict disciplinary action will be initiated if resident/s is/are caught committing a crime or theft of any kind & the case may be referred to the City Police for necessary action under IPC and resident/s may be evicted. Prior to eviction, Resident/s will have to settle all outstanding charges where deemed applicable including forfeiture of unutilized period of the rent paid.
  • Vandalism is a very serious offence; Residents found guilty of committing such an offence may be evicted from the Hostel.
  • Residents are not allowed to keep weapons & threatening items in their possession in the hostel premises.
  • Use of narcotics, consumption of alcoholic beverages & gambling are strictly prohibited.
  • Misbehavior or Indulging in a row with hostel staff will be treated as an offence and will be liable for expulsion from hostel.


  • Stop the electricity wastage. The fine of Rs. 500/- is chargeable on misuse of electricity.
  • All fans, light and electrical appliances must be switch off when not in use.


  • Visitors are not allow to enter in hostel campus without permission of Hostel Warden.
  • Residents are not allow to take visitors (including residents) of the opposite sex into their rooms at any time.
  • The Hostel Management reserves the rights to evict any residents who do not comply the rules.


  • Hostel timing: Hostel gets open from 6.00 AM (Morning) to 9.00 PM (Night) each day.
  • Hostel gate will kept close except the hostel timings.
  • Residents are not allowed to stay outside the hostel overnight for their own safety.
  • Resident who needs to stay outside the hostel is permit only if their parents or local guardian are with them. For this, parents or local guardian must make a declaration of their purpose; furnish their contact details and expected returns date and time. This permission is to be obtained from the Warden, in writing 4 days prior.
  • Prior information needs to be given to the hostel management for those extra tution or class timings after 9 PM.


  • Residents are responsible for all their personal belongings and valuable items like cell/mobile phone, laptop, computer, watches, and money, etc. Also, they should ensure that doors and windows of their rooms are properly secured at all times.
  • The hostel is not responsible for any loss of personal items. Therefore, residents are not permit to change rooms or sleep anywhere other than in their allotted room without the consent of the Hostel Authority in writing.
    *Residents shall not hand over the keys of her room to anybody except the warden/ matron of the hostel concerned.
    *Employing of a private servant is not allowed in the hostel.


Disciplinary action is initiate or the Hostel facility can be withdrawn at any point of time without giving any notice. If it is found that, the resident is misusing the facility or not following the rules and regulations of the Hostel. In addition if she is  found involved in any illegal activity anywhere inside/outside the hostel.

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